Friday, August 5, 2011

Tenggelam Timbul...

Salam Ramadhan bersempena 5 ramadhan 1432 Hijrah @ 2011 ini.

Setelah lama tenggelam kali ni timbul dengan update menggunakan bahasa Melayu sebab terasa dekat di hati, bukan apa nak variasikan sikit "English is important but my mother tongue is close in heart" Mampoo...!!

Setelah bkurun rasenye x menulis hari ni tergerak pulak tangan ni nak menulis, walaupun tak ada apa-apa yang menarik tp sekadar untuk mencoretkan bait-bait huruf lalu mengukir perkataan membingkiskan perkhabaran...(lg..mampoo!!!).

Hari semakin hampir dengan upacara Konvokesyen tak sabar rasenye, setelah meninggalkn universiti tercinta & bekerja sementara ni bertambah ghairah nk bertemu rakan-rakan yang kian hilang dengan haluan masing-masing, lumrah la kan itulah kehidupan. Ingatan & doa saje la menjadi penghubung antara kami.

Sekian ^____^

Monday, January 31, 2011

Exclusive & Private....

Just 4 special guests only.... If you want to read it give me ur email TQ.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

New and Last semester.....

Its been too long since my last update, sorry there is so much has been going on and so little time 2 be manage, sometimes I do felt to stop writing. Suddenly it just hit me and here I am writing again although with a bunch of grammatical error, but as for me its a good try for improving my self, but then if there is anybody that doesn't agree with me like I care!.

As mention earlier there is so much has happen and now it is a new start for the new semester at university. Can't wait to have all the excitement, challenge, chaos and everything that will build up myself in order to add some more experience. But this is not just a beginning it also the end and the last semester for me. Time has passing by so fast even I could not notice that there is so much that I has been through. I still remember the first day my parents send me here and with the mixed feeling inside, just like it all happen yesterday. Now it will arrive to an end soon, mixed feeling also but different from the first one.

Experience will not stop here right? as this chapter is going to be ended soon the next chapter will begin. Honestly I'm felling overwhelming to move into another stage of my life, but there is some doubt and fear thinking soon I will be in the real world. Could I manage to do well?, how do I start?, what if I fail?.... these are question that keep spinning in my head. But to pull back my strength I keep convincing my self just think positive and be optimistic, life is about try and error so bare with it.

Now it is already late in the evening, this dusky time is a sign for me that I'm near to an end of my journey soon in this part of my life. But I sure will be ready for the brightest day tomorrow as the dawn starting the next part. New and Last is a cycle, no matter when it ends get ready for a new beginning....

The best yet to be discover (^_^)

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Is it what You call neutral.....!!! day start early 2day as outside is still dark, and i thought i want to "sahur" bcoz i certainly confident that 2day is the 15th Syaaban. Its a good opportunity as a Muslim to fasting during this day..... but then it is really a great disappointment, as i just realise 2day is already 16 goshhhh so frustrated!! (it is all because of looking at the calendar..why should i arghhh)

As i want to look at a bright side of it, (want 2 prompt my self) i can perform the dawn prayer right at its time (as before i'm always little bit late...) and also can go to class early, although actually my class this semester are all start at 9.

that's not about it, what i want to highlight here is during my minor class we were ask 2 watch films ( very excited about it), but then it tend 2 be a very boring and unpleasant. Both of the story which entitle "after tsunami" & "Kayuh" have a sense of political issue which its not my preference. The NGO who is organizing the Freedom Film Festival and the one who is responsible to bring that film here known as KOMAS make me felt annoying. Its is due to the statement that "we are the NGO which is neutral and did not bias to any of the political party" but then when someone ask "did you guys ready to face any risk as being so loud by highlighting the opponent party?" the answer: "Till now there not police that come to our door and arrested us or the government suing us and so on, but we are ready because there is our clique who is a lawyer, Dr and politician who is supporting us" what the heck is it?? so much for being neutral.... of course the bold one come from which side right!... there is no way the objectivity is going to be achieve.. thats why i hate POLITIC... so much of hidden propaganda and corruption no matter which party because there are all liars...

Sunday, July 25, 2010

its not gonna be easy...

What is suppose to be your reaction when someone that really close to you are making distance. then suddenly you know that something big had happen to the person life and you know it by coincidence.

its not going to be easy for me, although I suppose to understand the condition that the person are in to, but life is c0mplicated, could this end with a brake up or just hanging without any certain answers. Maybe my emotion and feeling conquering my judgement but as for now I just need my time... may the time will fix everything!!!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Money + $....= Part time Job

Its been 2 days since i got back from Penang...sadly because i'm suppose to get back on Sunday but Big boss has change his mind and pick me up on Saturday, have 2 leave my love one without spent a proper amount of time 2gether... = (
move on to my main story as today me n my very good friend (which i haven't contact him about err so long i can't really remember) try to find a part time job... first destination is Grand Kampar Hotel (it was his idea) hurmm bellboy, only that available ( i was not really interested but 2 please him i smile n said no TQ) hahahaha. Next is Sushi King, its a nice place since not so many customer coming in so i think it wont be so hard to work here..ok i take it... after fill the form ( and having a nice cooling sweet ice cream there, tq Furqran) we left to the Bata Outlet, i was interested coz previously i had an experience working with shoes company, last time i was a promoter for Dr. Cardin shoes in Mid Valley Megamall so it wont be a prob...but the problem is there is no vacancy here...
then our last tour 4 today is the pizza hut, coz it already 12.30 p.m with this burning weather no way we can continue..
2 payback his help i treat him for lunch at Emery... its a shame when he how please i am you call me in order 2 accompany you find a job...with all this time missing..My best Friend :)

errrrr i just smiled broadly( thinking, i do contact him in past 4 month so..). But i'm sorry Furqran i can't send u back coz i'm rushing 2 day...but hey nice 2 hang out again.. what most important is i must got a job....
semester break+part time job= MONEY

Friday, April 23, 2010

Between "a" and "e"..

Its already final exam as i quite busy flirting back my note that i has been ignore before..... yeah it normal for nowadays student 2 do so right???? out of the blue...suddenly i remember that i have 2 see my lec 2 pick up the assignment n get my marks 4 the previous test.

2morrow already friday and mel said i have 2 see my lec b4 three, so have to rush right after the fridays prayer. the weather surely not helped me at all.. with the rush, sweating and it damm hot...
it a relief when i reach at the lec room.... mmmmmm heavenly....air corn =)
the best part is she also asking me if i wanted a cold drink.... this is what i really need... immediately YES!

ok that is the pleasant part... the worse is this, my grade 4 the test wasn't so bad the content and the arrangement also good... i even proud with my self... ( yeah i did) but the language are really suck... with six words that found to be wrongly spelled... shockingly the word that i suppose 2 spell it with an "a" i spelled with an "e" and the other way around.... what??? why this is happen i didn't realise it at all.... level become lavel, several become saveral..... crap!

After all the unpleasant thing are finish 2 be examined, 2 please myself, me n mel fetch our lunch at marry brown, the weather also change suddenly from bright to cloudy... but we learn from mistake right?... so this can't bring me down coz the real game is in 29th april so i going to strike it hard...